Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Policy

CPD is vital to a successful career and AICPT requires all members to make a commitment to their own professional development.
CPD is a self-owned and self-managed activity for which the individual is ultimately responsible. AICPT is not prescriptive as to the content or approach to CPD, or the effort an individual member puts into their CPD, but offers advice and practical support, not least through the provision of CPD templates.
There are no specific requirements relating to points or hours of CPD or numbers of learning interventions, for membership grades. However, all prospective applicants for Certified Practising Trainers (CPT) and holders of Certified Practising Trainers status are required to undertake at least 32 hours of appropriate continuing professional development annually.
Part of taking responsibility for one’s own CPD is to make judgments about the most effective ways of developing - in the light, for example, of role and career development demands - and how much time or effort needs to be invested.

In order to be effective, CPD should be:
•    Continuous and lifelong - AICPT expects all members to refresh and extend their learning throughout their careers
•    Based on a cycle of reflection, planning, action and evaluation - though not every learning experience will involve every stage of the cycle. AICPT expects all members to be reflective practitioners.
•    Personalised - AICPT expects all members to use their professional judgment in undertaking CPD that responds to their development needs in the context of their role or roles
•    Multi-faceted - AICPT expects all members to undertake a mix of CPD activities over time, which can embrace various types of formal and informal/experiential learning
•    Evidenced - AICPT expects all members to maintain records of ongoing CPD
•    Focused on impact - AICPT expects all members, in their CPD recording, to evidence growth and development of capability and impact as a result of CPD activities.

Certified Practising Trainer status (CPT), as the ultimate recognition of a professional trainer, brings with it a particular responsibility for the individual to maintain and develop competency as a professional trainer.

All AICPT Members are expected to not only maintain ongoing records of their CPD activities but for these to also be available for inspection as part of our sampling process. All Certified Practising Trainers (CPT) need to submit evidence of least 32 hours of appropriate continuing professional development to AICPT annually.