Certified Practising Trainer (CPT)

Certified Practising Trainers (CPT) are consistently high performers, committed to current best practise and ethical standards. These are the professional trainers you can count on to deliver your organisation’s mission and objectives.

Certified Practising Trainers (CPT) is the highest status that can be achieved in the training profession. It is recognition of knowledgeable and confident trainers who have demonstrated consistently high and sustained performance.

Awarded only by the Australian Institute of Certified Practising Trainers (AICPT), it is recognised nationally and internationally.

What are the benefits for trainers?

  • Certified Practising Trainer (CPT) is the most prestigious award that can be achieved in the training profession
  • Provides a professional status and independent endorsement of your ability as a trainer
  • Demonstrates your training competence to supplement your functional skills, setting you apart and enhancing employability
  • Increases your confidence to make the right decisions to deliver success
  • Proves you possess transferable training skills that boost your prospects of employment and progression.

What are the benefits for employers?

  • Certified Practising Trainer (CPT) can be trusted and relied upon to consistently deliver a high level of performance
  • Reduced risk to organisational reputation through commitment to ethical standards
  • Transferable training skills that will drive the business forward
  • Proves the trainers have successfully put theory into practice
  • Assurance that your trainers have the relevant skills to deliver a continual positive impact.