AICPT Corporate Membership

Corporate Membership

Australian Institute of Certified Practising Trainers (AICPT) is committed to developing excellence in professional development training for your organisation and employees.

Your organisation benefits from an AICPT corporate membership. Along with access to a wide range of monthly electronic newsletters, electronic library resources, discounts and privilege access to AICPT extensive range of training courses, seminars, workshops, special interest groups, educational trips, AICPT also provide customised training and consultations tailored to the needs of your organisation.

Corporate Membership also provides informative networking events to encourage both personal and professional development.

As the only professional body in the world which conducts professional certification award (CPT-Certified Practising Trainer) for the training practitioners, AICPT can offer your organisation years of education and training experience to help your organisation join the leaders in training and development, human resource management.

Training resources, research, training, the opportunity to network with peers in other prominent organisations, attend professional activities and educational trips to keep abreast of current trends in training and development and participate in highly specialised training seminars - these are some of the benefits available to employee of partner organisations.

To become a corporate member of AICPT, please complete the Corporate Membership Application Form with the relevant payment and email or post to AICPT.

For further enquiries on AICPT corporate membership, please email to or contact us.