AICPT and CPT Trademark Program



The AICPT and CPT Trademark Program were established by AICPT President and Board members in order to protect the AICPT and CPT trademarks.

In its protection efforts, the Trademark Program oversees the registration of AICPT and CPT trademarks and guards against their unauthorized use by identifying and resolving cases involving the misuse or infringement of AICPT and CPT trademarks on a worldwide basis.

The Trademark Program also advises on the various policies and guidelines related to the “Use of AICPT and CPT Names and Logos.”

Use of AICPT and CPT Names and Logos

Non AICPT members are not permitted to use the AICPT and CPT names, logos, insignias on letterhead, business cards, electronic signatures, websites, blogs and other forms of communication.

Only AICPT members who achieve Certified Practising Trainer (CPT) status can use the CPT logo on their business cards, websites, blogs, and other forms of communication on condition their CPT status is maintained and renewed by passing the annual CPT assessment review conducted by AICPT certification assessors.  

The proper version of the CPT logo must be obtained from AICPT by emailing

This policy is in accordance with the AICPT and CPT Trademark Program administered by the AICPT Governance and Risk Assessment Committee.

AICPT and CPT logos

 aicpt logo     CPT Logo